After our boxer's run in with a toad a few days after moving to the area we called Dr. V for snake and toad avoidance training. Both India and Rambo The Wonder Chug now bark when a snake or frog is around but they steer way clear of the threat. Since we had just put in a pool we asked Dr. V to train both dogs to swim to the steps to get out. Our concern was that while playing India would push Rambo into the pool. Sure enough just after the training it happened and Rambo swam just as he was trained to do from the deep end to the steps and walked out. Dr. V is absolutely the best.

Pam & Jay Aronow



After decades of experience with dogs (and trainers), Dr. Moreno is by far the best with whom I have ever worked. My dog began exhibiting increasingly severe veterinarian anxiety and fear (a result of an inhumane nail clipping episode at a previous vet in Minneapolis). With Dr. Moreno's help, we were able to help my dog overcome his anxiety and effectively manage his fears(as well as my fear that he might someday become sick and wouldn't be treatable due to his behaviror). I no longer have those worries, all thanks to Dr. Moreno and her effective, humane and practical training techniques that will last a lifetime.

Oro Valley, AZ


We would both like to take a moment of your time to endorse Vanya A. Moreno, Ph.D. and Animal Magnetism for effective, gentle pet obedience training and home based snake avoidance training. We have had experiences with at least four trainers over the past 2 years. Vanya was the only animal behaviorist that had the experience and ability to train our Portuguese Water Dogs successfully. Both dogs are happy, friendly, obedient dogs now.

Her approach is consistent and sensitive to the needs of both the owner and the pet. Thanks to Dr. Moreno we are continuing with the training of our two dogs and learning how our behavior as owners is so important to the success of the training. Here are some examples of behavior modification that were successful in once a week sessions over 6 weeks:

  • Staying on the driveway and not running out into traffic.
  • Sit, stay, down, on and off leash.
  • No jumping onto people when the dogs get excited.
  • Bathroom training.
  • Rollover, shake paw, and high-5.
  • She helped our older dog (2 years old) move from a fear/anxiety based personality toward other people to a friendly mode.
  • Fear/Anxiety of our older dog when she is in the car.
  • Fear of other people.
  • Home-based Snake Avoidance which is more effective done in the dogs own environment.

The past history of training our dogs, we have experienced pet trainers that were harsh, used choke chains, and were ineffective for the dogs. The dogs became fearful and full of anxiety. Dr. Moreno demonstrated the ability to listen and watch the dog's behavior (and us) and then work with both the dogs and us to achieve the results we needed. She utilized multiple positive methods in combination to train our dogs. We would be pleased to speak with any of your clients or yourselves concerning our experience.

Thank you
Dr. Susan B. Kennedy & Becky Hale


Thanks again for your wonderful work with Ben. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. As you know, when we started working with you, I was seriously considering having to give him up because of his aggressive behavior toward other dogs. After working with him according to your recommendations, he is remarkably better behaved and really knows his commands. I feel like I can handle him well with confidence. Needless to say, he has found his permanent home with me. I really believe that your training saved his life, because I wouldn't have been able to keep him otherwise.

With gratitude,
Karen Konkel



Hope you remember me and Peachy (I'm sure you do). Don't worry, everything is fine. Your advice really did wonders. I really believe that the additional cat boxes and treats did the trick. There are not a lot of fights now either. It's really cute though, I suspect Peachy has figured out that when I see her go pee that she (and all the others) get a treat. I've seen her purposely go to the box just to get a treat! She'll go like 3 times in 15 minutes but she doesn't really go! There's nothing wrong with her (cause I peek to see what she is doing) other than wanting a treat and faking it to get one. So, just wanted to thank you again. You just don't know how much stress you took from me! I know it's your job but to make your job worthwhile, I just wanted to thank and appreciate you again!




"UH OH" are my two favorite words. Our dogs, Gabby and Simba are so much better behaved since you came into our lives. I am so proud of them "YES" and I believe they are proud of themselves for behaving better. Thank you!

When we travel to Maine we won't be hearing Gabby whine and carry on for 2,900 miles now that you have taught me to teach her to be a good dog in the vehicle. You cannot imagine how stressful it was with her carrying on during the trips. We can now keep her in a room with the door closed and she doesn't complain. It's like a miracle.

Your knowledge was invaluable to us regarding their fighting and you knew exactly what was happening with them. We thank you for your straight forward advice.

We went for a walk with them and met another dog and your lessons on how to control them worked. We backed up while having them come and they had their attention on us instead of the other dog. It worked perfectly.

You answered every question I had and had a good answer for each question. Although I had you come because of their fighting you were open enough to advise me on their other issues when I asked and you solved many problem behaviors.

I only wish every animal behaviorist had your training and knowledge. I saw how you love animals and that means a great deal to me.

Feel free to give our name and phone number to anyone wanting a good recommendation. You are the greatest and we truly appreciate what you did for our "girls". Our veternarian recommended you highly and I now understand why.

Ruthie and Ron West



Thank you for your help with Summit. As you are aware, prior to our sessions with Summit, she was headstrong, totally unmanageable, and frankly obnoxious. After our six sessions she is calm and responds to commands to sit, come, down, stay, heel and settle. She is a joy to be around. She did suffer some setbacks when I went on vacation for six weeks but is relearning rapidly and is almost back to her prior level of accomplishment. I would like, at some point in time, to take you up on your offer to have a session with Summit at La Encantada.

Thanks again for all your help and expertise.

John M. H. Hart M.D., F.A.C.S.



I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for saving my sanity. Before your training, I could not get Vinny to stop barking when someone came to the door for at least a half an hour. As much as we love our adorable Chihuahua, his incessant barking was driving us crazy. Since your training, he still barks when someone comes to the door, which we are happy about because we like to be alerted. But, I can now get him to stop in mere seconds. He also is much calmer since your training. I don't know if that was from your advice on changing his dog food or the training giving him more confidence, but I suspect it is a combination of both. It is such a pleasure being around Vinny now.

As you know, I had taken Vinny to classes at Pet Smart and even took private lessons from them and no one could figure out how to get through to him until you. I recommend your training to everyone I meet who has a problem dog. I wish you all the best in the future.

Brooke Martino


Our poodle was placed with Animal Magnetism for training. She lived right with the trainer, Vanya Moreno. Prior to placing our poodle with Animal Magnetism, Dr. Moreno came to the house to meet our poodle, gave us directions on how to housebreak her; she was completely housebroken in a month! Unbelievable!

However, there were other problems that needed to be solved: sitting, staying, jumping on people and not coming when called. Again Dr. Moreno came to the house, talked about our problems, and we all decided it was best for the dog to go home with Dr. Moreno for further training. When our poodle returned, the problems were gone. We are delighted and feel the dog is more contented, as are we. No more confrontation between pet and owner.

We give Animal Magnetism our highest recommendation.

Lyle and Beverly Crawford



My dog Maisy is a new patient at your clinic and being a puppy of 6 months, she needed some professional training. I contacted Animal Magnetism, owned and operated by Ben Gordon, and he agreed to provide on site training. His specific technique is reward training, which in addition to being very effective is also very gentle. He has given me the tools necessary to provide proper and consistent training for Maisy. Further, Ben has been very helpful in problem solving such things as "jumping up", "excessive barking" and just what behavior you can expect from your dog.

I would enthusiastically recommend Ben to anyone needing a qualified, caring trainer. Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Susan Myers



Thank you for providing such a wonderful and important start for our new puppy. We have enjoyed your classes immensely, and certainly no less Penny! You sure picked the right career; you are a gifted teacher.

We await your first book.

Fondly and Always,
Jim and Shirley Koster